We are an innovative global hedge fund that employs a man-machine investment approach to identify opportunities with a focus on currencies and currencies related structured investments.

We can minimise risks and enhance your returns.


FXCPD Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund

A Sophisticated New Way to Invest

A Story of Opportunities

We have put together the finest team to offer access to innovative and sophisticated investment methodologies previously only reserved for institutional and private banking investors.

Robust Target Returns

The defined-return element of our structured investment, along with the potential to mitigate risk and computerized trading strategies built over many years of research allows the fund to target such competitive returns.

Invest Anytime, Anywhere

Move your money, manage your portfolio, and view your investment right from the palm of your hand with your MT4 account and Client Relationship Platform.

The Better Way To Invest

Think of the idea where you can utilize a steady stream of riskless income for high return investments. Getting the high returns without the high risks. Not possible? Such opportunities are no longer just for the rich and the powerful.

Everyone today has the opportunity of enhancing their investments by participating in the FXCPD. Innovative, transparent and accessible, it’s a new and better way to invest.

Invest with us

Nothing Better In Hard Times

It is good to have multiple source of income to cope with life’s unexpected challenges. When times are difficult, a sound investment can work for you.

Robust use of an ensemble of state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms have proven to generate superior returns during across different market conditions, both goods ones and bad ones.


Invest Anytime, Anywhere

Time is on your side. Access your investment account online or through your mobile phone and track the performance anytime anywhere. Hedge Fund investing made easy.

Finance News

AUD/USD pressured by 50– hour SMA

The 50– hour simple moving average has pressured the Australian Dollar lower against the US Dollar since yesterday's trading session.

Did Palladium Fly Too Close To The Sun?

Now the world’s most valuable precious metal, prices have continued to soar this year after surpassing value in March. Yet its bump at the highs suggests a much-needed correction is underway. High demand and low supply palladium has been a key driver for spot prices, since about 85% of its s...

Asia Oil Markets Mired In Disinflationary Impulse

Skittish Investors remain skittish ahead of President Trump's appearance at the New York Economic Club on Tuesday. This speech could be the main event this week, especially if the President dangles any tangible details about his upcoming meeting with President Xi of China. Likewise, any...

Brazil Launches Job Program Amid Mass Unemployment

BRASILIA - President Jair Bolsonaro launched a jobs program Monday largely based on tax reductions as Brazil struggles to put more than 12 million people back to work. The pension and labor secretary said the administration aims to create 1.8 million jobs for people ages 18-29 and almost 1...

Is Gold Approaching A Local Bottom?

The metals market is an extremely emotional one. The highs and lows you see with metals traders are evident at each of the extremes. I believe we are now approaching another extreme. Several months ago, back in early June, I notified those willing to listen that was preparing to “take off like a...

Getting the right care to the right people at the right cost: An interview with Ron Walls

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed are those of the interviewee(s) and are not necessarily those of McKinsey & Company. In 2017, total healthcare spending accounted for 18 percent of the US economy. We are on track to reach 20 percent of the US GDP by 2027. Numerous factors have been...

Accelerating the impact from a tech-enabled transformation

Technology continues to race ahead, bringing innovative applications seemingly bound only by the imagination. Automation, the industrial Internet of Things, and robotics, among others, are transforming the way companies approach the production and delivery of goods. The coming years could bring...

Chemicals and capital markets: Searching for a way back to the winner’s podium

A combination of uncertainty about worldwide economic prospects, geopolitical tensions affecting trade, and the waning phase of a global economic-expansion cycle have all put pressure on chemical-industry performance in capital markets since early 2018, when we published our last report. But...

EUR/JPY tests weekly PP

The common European currency has appreciated by about 54 basis points against the Japanese Yen since Monday's trading session. The currency pair tested the weekly pivot point at 120.60 on Tuesday morning.

GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia stocks in dark on trade, seek enlightenment from Trump

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Asian share markets edged higher on Tuesday and Europe looked set to follow as investors awaited a speech by President Donald Trump on U.S. trade policy and on news he will likely delay a decision on whether to slap tariffs on European autos.

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