Our Company

FXCPD, which stands for foreign exchange computerized trading and structured products development, was created to provide a research, information and computerized trading advisory for professional advisers/investors on the foreign exchange market.


Foreign Exchange related structured investments began appearing in the UK market over thirty years ago. In the early day, FXCPD’s focus was to provide advisory to professional advisors and investors to investments we felt were potentially misleading and providing insufficient reward in return for the risk to which investors’ capital was being exposed.


FXCPD expertise in foreign exchange structured investments and close engagement with the sector as an advisory firm resulted in recognition and interest amongst fellow professionals and customers which led to FXCPD eventually expanding into the fund management business.


FXCPD Management Limited, a boutique fund management company was subsequently setup in 2019. The FXCPD Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund launched in July 2019 with a seed capital of USD10m is a natural evolution, founded on years of experience and expertise.

FXCPD’s investment team has extensive experience managing portfolios and a track-record of consistently delivering returns. FXCPD will continue to strive and achieve excellent results.