Assets Under Management

$ 136,398,500.00

Funds Reserved For Swap

$ 4,110,000.00


Invest with FXCPD

The fund currently offers investments for investors at minimum of USD 100k. Please refer to offering documents for more details.

Make a new investment or transact on your existing investment.


Register online to obtain an ID and set passwords.


Log in to to your Client Relationship Platform


1) Click into “Subscription Form” to complete and sign the Hedge Fund Subscription Form online.

2) Upload the following Documents:

i) A copy of a valid identification (identity card or passport) from each applicant.
ii) A copy of a proof of address (utility bill, rates bill, bank statement, tax form)


Fund your Account and provide Proof of Funding

Your funds will be shown as “Pending Allocation” in the Client Relationship Platform


A KYC will be conducted by FXCPD to confirm that all forms are completed and signed and all necessary documents are submitted.


Upon Settlement Date, Your funds will be allocated into the fund’s investment strategies.

Important Note: Please be noted that your funds will remain as "Pending Allocation" until the KYC has been fulfilled.