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FXCPD Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund

The FXCPD Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund is a sophisticated innovative strategy actively managed fund comprising of computerized spot foreign exchange trading strategies and structured investments.


It is a combination of superior trading and deep knowledge of options structuring where the potential returns earned within the Fund are defined in nature and linked to the performance of one or more established foreign exchange pairs.

The style of investment, which is the utilization of computerized spot foreign exchange trading strategies and structured investments gives the fund extra flexibility. When the market moves against the fund’s structured position, the fund manager may choose to retain interest received to offset against potential losses. No trading may be executed in this scenario.

On the other hand, if the market moves in favour and the fund manager is confident that any potential losses is significantly reduced or completely removed, any future interest payment received will be put to maximize returns and the trading will be activated to greatly enhance potential returns during the tenure of the structured investment. Hence the name FXCPD Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund.

Economic Calendar

FXCPD Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund Performance


Investment Strategy

$ The fund employs sophisticated FX structured investments and superior currency trading strategies to gain capital appreciation.

The currency trading strategy is a combination of calibrated and encoded algorithms of technical analytical studies, using cross currency correlation, trade sizing and extremely detailed money and margin management methodologies.

The management of each trade includes the use of current market price action, strategic correlated spot positions, predictive cycle analysis and statistical positioning based on quantitative models, combined with market intelligence and risk-management strategies.

The combination of superior trading and deep knowledge of options structuring allows for predictive adaptation to ever changing market conditions, affording the potential for exceptional investment returns whilst maintaining controls over downside risk.

Target Return

$ The Fund seeks to generate monthly returns in excess of 5% over the medium-to-long-term.

It is the defined-return element of a structured investment, along with the potential to mitigate risk to capital combined with computerized trading strategies built over many years of research that allows the fund to target such competitive returns.


$ The Fund is authorised, registered and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. (CIMA)

About Caymans Islands Monetary Authority: The Cayman Islands is the most popular domicile for hedge funds, with close to 11,000 funds registered with the local regulator (CIMA), which constitute over 70% of global hedge funds by number and by net assets.

Over the years, the success of the Cayman Islands as a hedge fund jurisdiction has been self-perpetuating. It has become the most familiar hedge fund jurisdiction to advisers in the world who are the first port of call for managers looking to launch a new hedge fund, and it has a large body of local service providers including fund accountants and auditors, fund attorneys, independent directors, fund administrators and trustees, with over two decades of accumulated expertise. This familiarity and concentration of expertise inevitably makes the establishment and ongoing operation of hedge funds in the Cayman Islands more efficient in terms of timing and costs than less-specialised jurisdictions.

Key Features

$ Fund Type: Open Ended Mutual
Fund Manager: FXCPD Management Limited
Fund Launch Date: 1st July 2019
Share Classes: USD FXCPD Strategy
Minimum Subscription: USD100,000
Initial Charge: 2% (waived)
Exit Fee: Nil
Performance Fee: 30%
Liquidity: On Maturity of Structure (Max 30 trading days)
Management Fee: Nil