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FXCPD FERS Fund Middle East Conference
FXCPD FERS Fund Middle East Conference

FXCPD FERS Fund Middle East Conference


Following the successful conclusion of its first Asian conference on 1st September 2019 at the Novotel Bangkok, Thailand, FXCPD Management recently held a "FXCPD FERS Fund Middle East Conference” on November 16, 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and invited partners from different parts of Europe and the Middle East region to grace the event. The honorable guests list includes Founder of FXCPD, Mr. Gerald Robinson, Managing Director of FXCPD, Mr. Mike Lam, Client Relationship Manager, Mr. Ethan Meyer and FXCPD’s Investment Strategists.


FXCPD was founded in the UK in 2013 and specializes in computerized forex trading and structured financial products, as well as providing information and professional consulting services to professional advisors/investors in the foreign exchange market. FXCPD FERS Fund Middle East Conference brought together investment elites from Europe and the Middle East to share their investment ideas and future collaboration plans. At the press conference, the first two guests of honour to speak were Mr. Gerald Robinson and Mr. Mike Lam. In addition to sharing the advantages and key features of the FXCPD FERS Fund, they also spent time explaining the core principles behind FXCPD's investment solutions to the guests present. After the sharing session, the two guests of honour held a Q & A session to engage their invited partners.


In the Q & A session, Mr. Mike Lam mentioned that the potential of the Middle East market is limitless and FXCPD is planning to set up an office in Dubai as an operation base for its FERS Fund. The main consideration is that Dubai has two major advantages. The first advantage lies in its excellent geographical location, which is very suitable for the company to build and expand its three major business markets of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The second advantage is that Dubai is an excellent customer service base as it is easily accessible by clients from FXCPD’s major business markets.


After the Q & A session, FXCPD Investment Strategists address the audience, sharing FXCPD’s unique investment strategy portfolio. This innovative investment strategy can provide customers with long-term stable low-risk returns. FXCPD hopes to establish its own brand in the Middle East financial region through its strong technical capabilities, advanced business philosophy and huge data resources!


The climax of this conference is definitely the sharing session by the various investment elites from both the Middle East and Europe region. Various topics like investment methodology, financial management concepts and technical trading capabilities etc were discussed. The elites also discussed in depth about the collaboration plans and future development of FXCPD in its three major business regions of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. After the discussion, everyone present had a deeper understanding of the core concepts of the FXCPD FERS Fund, and expressed confidence in the future development of FXCPD Management.


FXCPD FERS Fund uses a low-leverage trading tool for foreign exchange options to make a variety of low-risk hedge carrying trades. Profits from these trades will be reinvested by applying a foreign exchange basket (foreign exchange index) trading strategy to further enhance the fund's return. Its core concept lies in keeping the principal, pursuing growth, reducing risks and increasing returns! FXCPD Management looks to aggressively expand its three major markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia in the near future, and to create a new era of sustainable performance for its clients.